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General information

  • Flexibility
    With our PLEXLOG energy managers, you can read out and control generation and consumption components in the smart energy sector, regardless of the manufacturer. 
  • Sector coupling
    Consumption components such as heating elements, heat pumps, wall boxes and much more. Can be controlled and started up depending on the surplus generated 
  • Remote access
    As a portal owner or company/organization, you receive remote access (remote control) to each of your installed PLEXLOG energy managers (Internet required)
  • Automated control
    Rules for surplus-controlled consumers can be stored on the PLEXLOG, which automatically take effect depending on the amount of surplus.
    As an end customer, you can also control your wallbox and see how the stored settings, e.g. your heating or heating elements, start up under surplus control.
  • Monitoring from anywhere and on the move
    You can view and access your system from anywhere at any time via our cloud-based monitoring portal and our app.
  • Direct communication and connection of the telecontrol system (IEC 101/104, VDE 4110)
    No cost-intensive PLC circuit or similar is necessary  Fast and direct support
    We have a free service hotline for our B2B customers
  • Tenant electricity model
    The tenant electricity model can be implemented individually with our hardware. The operator can assign each meter to a tenant and both parties can read it at any time via our portal 
  • Fair pricing
    There are only one-off costs for the purchase of the hardware and ongoing costs for monitoring, depending on the size of the system. There are no support or license fees.
  • Made in Germany
    More than 80% of the components for our hardware and our packaging material come from Germany
  • Third-party-client (electricity stock)
    Third-party-client (electricity stock) can be implemented easily and securely with our hardware via a VPN tunnel on a router. We work together with all common direct marketers in Germany. 
  • Fast delivery
    As a rule, the delivery time for our hardware is approx. 4 weeks

  • PL40: For systems up to 40 kWp, light version, limited interfaces, no relay, ripple control receiver function available, limited sector coupling possible
  • PL100: For systems up to 100 kWp, OnBoard relay, all interfaces free, ripple control receiver, third-party-client, sector coupling
  • PL500+: For systems from 100 kWp, OnBoard relay, all interfaces free, ripple control unit, third-party-client, sector coupling, direct communication and connection with the grid guard interface (IEC 101/104, VDE 4110)

Access to the interface of the components connected to the PLEXLOG Energy Manager is not possible.

Yes, you are informed about errors, faults and performance deviations and can set the user group individually.

  • All PCs via a browser
  • Mobile phones and tablets with iOS or Android

Yes, we have an Open Gateway via Modbus TCP. If you need this, please contact us by e-mail: info@plexlog.de

Fast, simple and free support via telephone, e-mail, contact forms and ticket system within the portal.

Compatible meters can be read out via RS485 and analyzed in the portal. Users can be restricted via their e-mail address so that they only see their own meter and, for example, the generation of the inverter. The values can be exported as an Excel table every 5 minutes for further processing.

We are exclusively active in the B2B sector, please fill in the Contact form 


  • Would you like to integrate a PLEXLOG energy manager?
    • The PLEXLOG Energy Manager automatically logs in to your portal via your reseller ID and appears first in the waiting list (My systems -> Waiting list) Would you like to integrate a third-party logger?
  • Would you like to integrate a third-party logger?
    • If you would like to integrate a third-party logger into our portal, click on the "+ button" in your system list and on the right and follow the instructions. You will also find instructions in the "My portal - Downloads" area and in the Benutzerhandbuch

  • Click on the "Forgot password" button and enter your e-mail address. 
  • If the configuration area on your PLEXLOG is locked, please contact your installation company.

  • System back in the waiting list?
    • you can remove the deposited customer in the settings area of the system. The system will then be returned to your waiting list.delete system?
  • You can delete installations in the navigation bar under "My installations - Delete installation". IMPORTANT: The system ID is then completely unusable and the system cannot be restored!


  • PL40: If 40 KW are exceeded, the energy manager draws a zero line.
  • PL100: If 100 KW are exceeded, the energy manager draws a zero line.

Yes, but only the PL500+.

Yes, in the settings area you will find the option to initiate a portal move.

No, individual switch-on and switch-off criteria are defined for each component and controlled in stages depending on the surplus.


Check your inverter manufacturer's  manual 

Yes, with the FTP export function 


  • Systems with a rated output of 100 kWp DC or more
  • Systems with a rated output of less than 100 kWp DC may also be eligible for third-party-client, but are not required to do so.
  • please refer to the current EEG.

  • PL100
  • PL500+


All common third-party-client in Germany are compatible:

Yes, you can request a switch for an installation via our ticket system.

You can apply for this from the third-party-client (electricity stock). In individual cases, third-party-client will only issue the certificate to the manufacturer of the parking controller (energy manager). In this case, please enter our e-mail address for the third-party-client: direktvermarktung@plexlog.de

You need:

  • At least a PL 100
  • A VPN certificate from your third-party-client
  • A router

We can install the corresponding VPN certificate on Teltonika routers remotely.

You can also use routers from other manufacturers, but then we will not be able to install the VPN certificate.

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